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Our top selling huarache sandal. She's easy-going, breathable, beautiful, & perfectly unique.

Huaraches, Handmade Leather Thong Sandals. Made from hand-cut leather which moulds to the shape of your foot over time, leaving you with shoes that are uniquely yours.


  • Soft, handwoven leather
  • Breathable, closed-toe coverage
  • Convenient, slip on comfort
  • Versatile design for any occasion
  • Soft, yet sturdy leather lining
  • Flexible, no-slip rubber sole saver
Fits true to size. The handwoven leather may feel slightly snug at first but will perfectly mold to your feet over time.
Quality shoes require quality care. Now it’s easy to keep your SAAZ looking their best for years to come. 
Step 1: Prep
Using a dry cloth wipe you SAAZ gently to remove any dust and particles. Make sure to give extra attention to the upper sole on the edges.
Step 2: Clean
Take a damp cloth and rub it in circular motions over your pair. This should clean your pair of any settled dust and freshen the look and sheen. 
Step 3; Condition 
Note when you condition your SAAZ the color can slightly change.
Apply a droplets amount of mustard oil over a foaming stick or a piece of foam and pat it all over your SAAZ to bring back that sheen. 
NOTE: Water is our worse nemesis. Keeping them further away from wet and watery surfaces is the key. 
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